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The Carcass Breed

Originally bred in the rugged landscape and harsh climate of south central France, Limousin cattle have evolved into a breed known for its durability, health and adaptability. At Moreno Ranches, we utilize both purebred and crossbred Limousin genetics in our operation, as the breed is the largest and most progressive Continental breed in the United States, consistently known for its ability to turn inputs into pounds of quality red meat.

Low birth weights and calving ease coupled with muscle growth efficiency and carcass merit provide a solid advantage to the breed in both purebred and commercial markets. Limousin cattle offer producers the opportunity to progress their herd with progressive genetics. From humble beginnings in France centuries ago, Limousin cattle have earned their place as a major contributor to the United States beef industry.

Consumers around the world have a demand for superior beef. In order to meet consumer expectations, producers must make genetic selections that produce the quality desired. Since 1992, Moreno Ranches has been dedicated to exceeding consumer expectations by producing quality beef and delivering supreme genetics built with functionality, efficiency, and durability.

The Limousin breed offers a variety of economically important advantages in a beef industry that requires producers to navigate a complicated market. When every pound, every calf and every customer count, we know that muscle growth, calving ease and carcass quality matter. Moreno Ranches Limousin genetics offer the producer, consumer and packer efficiency that is second to none.

Our Limousin cattle are known for being muscular and lean, and producing tender, healthy beef with industry-leading yield grade, percent retail product and case-ready yield.

At Moreno Ranches, we know that maternal ability may be one of the Limousin breed's best kept secrets. According to U.S. Meat and Animal Research Center (MARC) documents, Limousin females have less calving difficulty which correlates to their progeny having lighter birth weights than other major Continental breeds. In addition to their moderate mature size and optimum milk production, these advantages bring lower year-round feed costs for Limousin females.

Limousin cattle require about one-half as much feed as Angus and Hereford to produce the same amount of retail product according to U.S. MARC data. Lower feed input costs per unit of retail product places Limousin as the leader in efficiency among all Continental breeds. At Moreno Ranches, our goal is to provide genetics that can decrease input costs for the producer and create a quality product that satisfies the consumer.

Our answer is simple: incorporating superior Limousin genetics will bring well-rounded improvement to your operation.

Moreno Ranches utilizes a donor program focused on providing elite females and genetics.
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